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P.O. Box 3296, Scottsdale, AZ 85271, US

Window cleaning services & Pressure washing in Phoenix & surrounding areas

Residential Cleanings


Up to 3 story homes.

  • A residential window cleaning will always include tracks, sills & bugscreens. When inside we will wear booties to protect your floors and show great care around your belongings. 

   Mirrors, fans, skylights, chandeliers, lights, etc, are offered. Just let us know if interested.



We love commercial window cleaning! Storefronts, offices, buildings & the alike are so vital when it comes to clean windows. Employees are more productive and customers are more likely to keep coming to your place of business.  Clean windows say a lot about the quality of your services.

Pressure Washing


Lets get the grime off! We pressure wash decks, patios, balconies, garage floors, home exteriors, you name it!

WFP systems


Whats that you ask?  For certain applications we use a waterfed pole connected to dionized tanks and some filters. This allows us to reach the more difficult areas without using a ladder. We brush the window and rinse. Dries spot free! Pretty cool stuff.

Gutter cleaning


Backed up gutters?  Let us clear the junk out of them.  We promise to safely relocate any little critters like this squirrel.